Stainless Steel Hanging Laundry Rack

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Product Description

Laundry day would be easy if the whole thing may well be thrown into the dryer, but delicate fabrics just can not take the heat and the tumbling. So what do you do together with your hosiery, intimate apparel and other items that just cannot be placed within the dryer?

It is advisable put up a clothesline or drying rack outdoor, within the basement or the laundry room, but both will also be eyesores and take up such a lot space! In case you are in search of a solution that makes drying delicates quick and simple, the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Hanging Round Laundry Rack is the answer! The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Hanging Round Laundry Rack takes up a fraction of the space of a clothesline or a drying rack and features an integrated hanging hook that makes it simple to make use of anywhere indoors or outdoors. The rack consists of heavy duty stainless steel rings outfitted with 18 multipurpose hanging spring-mounted steel clips. Just squeeze a clip to open it, slide your garment into the clamp and let go! The clip will keep it firmly in place without leaving a mark at the fabric. Your clothes can drip dry very quickly, and when the whole thing has been got rid of, you’ll fold up the rack and put it away until next time. At the same time as you’ll find other hanging laundry racks, no other design is relatively like the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Hanging Round Laundry Rack. Other hanging racks have room for only some garments, but our rack can hold as much as 18 garments directly without taking up more space! That is because its innovative design assist you to fit essentially the most clothing within the smallest area conceivable. Plus, our rack is constructed entirely out of rust resistant stainless steel metal without plastic that may snap and break. Get your delicates drip dry in record time. Take down the clothesline and put that freestanding drying rack away for good! Make a choice the revolutionary space-saving hanging rack to be able to in point of fact simplify laundry day. Order the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Hanging Round Laundry Rack now!