Powermaxx Premium Charcoal Carbon Filter and Inline Fan Combo with Speed Controller

$105.95$187.95 (as of April 8, 2016, 1:07 am)

High Volocity Fan producing 2730 RPM
Speed Controller to control speed variation
Odor control for better privacy

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Product Description

New Powermaxx Clear out and Fan Combo provides Top volocity fan along side top of the range top class Australian Virgina Charcoal Clear out to take away all odor, warmth and pollens from any rooms. Now Powermaxx combo additionally come with a speed controller to assist keep an eye on air speed for your liking. If you need Top speed to transport alot of air simply flip the dial, in the event you simply wish to have small air flow simply flip down the dial it’s that straightforward!
Top Volocity Fan generating 2730 RPM
Speed Controller to keep an eye on speed edition
Smell keep an eye on for higher privacy
Eliminates warmth from the machine
top class Australian Virgin Charcoal utilized in Clear out