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Seedling in trouble


COLLECT $43 NOW No DEPOSITHi, new to this and want help. Had no problem for first couple of grows, but now I cant grow shit.

CropKing WW auto flower
Using a GH water farm.
Grow tent.
2 x 400w LED grow lights on 24/7
18 – 24 inches above
PH around 5.7
Straight tap water to begin left for twenty-four hours to clear chlorine 16ppm
26-29 degrees C within the tent
Has an exhaust fan and filter.

The hydroton is reused, but I clean them in bleach and peroxide for a few days. Then once I rinse once or twice they soak in ph adjusted water for a few days. Then I run the water farm for an afternoon. Then dump and go.

Help! Whats wrong with it? The last couple did this as well.

Thx in advance.


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How the Supreme Court case on sports betting is said to marijuana legalization


COLLECT $43 NOW No DEPOSITNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie heads to Jerry Jones’s owner suite before the sport because the Dallas Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 19, 2017 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. (Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON The Supreme Court appeared poised Monday to legalize sports betting nationwide by freeing states from a federal anti-gaming law.

The justices gave a friendly hearing to New Jerseys claim that states are free to manage their very own laws, including within the area of gambling, unless Congress has adopted a federal regulatory policy to ban it.

And Congress didn’t do this when it passed a 1992 law, the state maintained. The federal law didn’t actually ban sports wagering, but instead said states won’t authorize by law such gaming.

That form of command from Washington violates the Constitutions 10th Amendment, which reserves to the states the facility to make and enforce their very own laws in areas where the government has not exerted authority, said former Solicitor General Ted Olson, representing New Jersey.

Related: Outgoing N.J. Gov. Christie calls marijuana taxes blood moneyThis is an instantaneous command to the states, Olson said of the pro and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. Congress said we wish to put the load and the expense and the accountability at the states. The government is doing nothing, he said.

In their comments and questions, many of the justices sounded the similar states rights theme.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said the federal law perceived to him like commandeering.

This is telling the states what to do, said Justice Stephen G. Breyer.

In 2011, New Jerseys voters by a 2-to-1 margin approved sports betting, but federal courts have repeatedly blocked the state from allowing such gaming at its racetracks and casinos.

New Jersey have been battling in court for years with the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the four major pro sports leagues: the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball. Their lawyers sued in 2012 shortly after Gov. Chris Christie signed into law the measure to authorize sports betting at racetracks and casinos.

Federal judges agreed with the NCAA that the state law couldn’t stand as it violated the federal law. And the Supreme Court refused to intervene then.

No one doubts Congress has the constitutional power to enforce a federal ban on gambling, or a specific form of gaming. But supporters of latest Jersey said Congress stopped wanting doing that.

The 1992 federal law included an exception for Nevada which allowed it to continue licensing betting on sports.

Undeterred, New Jerseys lawmakers devised what many saw as a sleight of hand move. They repealed the states laws that made it a criminal offense to wager on sports at race tracks or casinos.

Once again, the NCAA and the professional sports leagues sued and won in federal court. The judges said the state had implicitly authorized sports gaming by repealing its prohibition.

In June, the Supreme Court agreed to listen to New Jerseys claim that the 10th Amendment frees the states to refuse to enforce a federal law.

This is the same states rights principle that has allowed California and other states to permit the usage of medical marijuana, even though it remains illegal under federal law. It is usually the main depended on by sanctuary cities which say they won’t use their very own employees to enforce federal immigration laws.

If the state prevails in Christie v. NCAA, the ruling would likely free other states to follow New Jerseys lead. Gaming experts said no less than a dozen states would likely authorize wagering on sports, including California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York.

Americans bet up to $150 billion a year on sports events, in step with the yankee Gaming Association, but only 3 percent of that quantity is wagered through legal and controlled gaming, most of it in Nevada.

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Army not banning recruits who used marijuana



WASHINGTON Smoked pot? Need to visit war?

No problem.

As more states lessen or eliminate marijuana penalties, the military is granting hundreds of waivers to enlist individuals who used the drug of their youth so long as they realize they cant accomplish that again within the military.

The choice of waivers granted by the active-duty Army for marijuana use jumped to greater than 500 this year from 191 in 2016. Three years ago, no such waivers were granted. The massive increase is only one way officials are coping with orders to expand the Armys size.

Related: Air Force reportedly changes rules around marijuana use for recruits

Provided they keep in mind that they can’t do this after they serve within the military, I WILL BE ABLE TO waive that each one day long, said Maj. Gen. Jeff Snow, head of the Armys recruiting command.

The marijuana use exclusions represent about one-quarter of the whole misconduct waivers the military granted within the budget year that ended Sept. 30. They accounted for a lot of the 50 percent increase overall in recruits who needed a waiver for some form of misconduct.

Snow said the figures probably will rise further as more states legalize or decriminalize marijuana.

Eight states Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and the District of Columbia have fully legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults recreational use. An extra 13 states have decriminalized it, meaning possession of small amounts is regarded as the equivalent of a traffic citation or a low-end misdemeanor and not using a chance of jail. Twenty-nine states, together with Puerto Rico, Guam and Washington, D.C., allow the usage of medical marijuana.

Army leaders have faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks amid worries in Congress and elsewhere a few decline in quality among new enlistees.

Army data show greater than 8,000 recruits received waivers in 2017, compared with about 6,700 last year. Most waivers concerned physical or mental health.

Almost 2 percent of the recruits were considered category four, meaning they scored 31 or less, out of 99, at the aptitude test. Just over a half-percent were in that category in 2016.

In total, the military enlisted almost 69,000 recruits this year, with regards to 6,000 greater than last year.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Snow said he went to his Army leadership early this year to invite if he could usher in more of the class four recruits to satisfy higher enlistment goals. He said he promised that the military would stay well below a 4 percent limit at the group allowed by the Pentagon.

Recruits who score not up to 31 at the test must meet specific criteria for the job they’re requesting. There is not any leeway on previous pot smoking for them. In addition they cant require a health or conduct waiver.

The Armys top officer, Gen. Mark Milley, told reporters during a contemporary briefing that the service isn’t reducing standards.

The increases within the category four enlistees, however, are fueling concerns the military could repeat mistakes made through the peak of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars greater than a decade ago, when it hurriedly added soldiers to the ranks to satisfy deployment needs. On the time, the military brought more recruits in with criminal records and misconduct waivers. Because the years passed, discipline problems and other behavioral issues increased as well.

Milley and Snow insist that wont happen again.

Quality matters greater than quantity. When you make the numbers, great, awesome. But don’t break the standards, Milley said. Standards should be upheld, period. So if we are available at not up to the proper number, but weve maintained the standards, thats success.

The Armys argument, however, is usually a bit misleading. The army services routinely enlist fewer recruits with waivers or lower scores than allowed under Defense Department guidelines. So while the military increased the choice of former drug users or recruits with lower scores than in previous years, the service still stayed below the utmost levels authorized by the Pentagon. And people recruits must get through boot camp, thus meeting minimum standards for joining the military.

Officials can thus argue they havent lowered the factors even though they’ve arguably enlisted more candidates of lower quality.

Snow acknowledged the challenge in meeting the growing enlistment goals. Within the current fiscal year, the military must recruit 80,000 new men and women.

This mission goes to be a vital challenge for the command, said Snow, who wants fewer than 2 percent of the brand new recruits to be category four. The possibility does exist that the numbers of marijuana waivers and category fours could increase. I AM HOPING not, but its too early to inform right now.

Updated Dec. 4, 2017 at 5:07 p.m. The next corrected information have been added to this newsletter: The paragraph listing states that experience legalized marijuana for recreational use have been updated so as to add Nevada and take away Maryland.

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Anyone Who Resists The upward push Of Legal Cannabis Is Among Dumbest On Wall Street


COLLECT $43 NOW No DEPOSITYou shouldn’t have to be a stoner to comprehend that legal cannabis is an industry ripe for profit. As increasingly more states and countries move to legalize certain uses of cannabis, investors who fail to position their hat within the ring could finally end up being probably the most dumbest on Wall Street.

The means of legalizing marijuana use around the U.S. has picked up the pace. Ultimately count, 23 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing some extent of legal marijuana use. Globally, a minimum of 25 countries allow marijuana use in varying degrees of legality.

Using weed has also become more accepted by the general public. Greater than 52% of usa citizens think it’ll be legal for medical or recreational use, in line with the Pew Research Center.

The rise of legal weed generally is a smart — but highly risky — investment opportunity for greater than just agriculture players.

Take Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc., for example.

The small-cap company was the most player in extracting and producing krill oil for health supplements akin to omega-three pills. But, at an investor presentation in Ny this week Neptune outlined its plan to make use of its patented technology that after led the market in krill oil extraction to instead extract cannabis oil for legal use.

Company executives made it clear they will not be within the business of growing cannabis, and can instead keep their feet planted firmly on the end of the worth chain as a processor and distributor.

Neptune could also be setting forth groundwork now to be a key processor of cannabis oil in Canada, where the substance will soon be federally legal. The company’s planned pivot toward weed has sent its top off a sizzling 80% within three months.

And Neptune isn’t alone in its new push into the legal weed space.

Constellation Brands, which owns the Corona, Modelo Especial, and Svedka Vodka alcohol brands, in late-October announced it had agreed to take a minority 9.9% stake worth just about $200 million in Canopy Growth Corp. The Ontario, Canada-based company, which sports a market cap of greater than $3 billion, is a provider of medicinal cannabis products.

“Canopy Growth has a seasoned leadership team that understands the legal, regulatory and economic landscape for an emerging market that may be predicted to become an important consumer category within the future,” said Constellation Brands CEO Rob Sands.

Although Constellation said it wouldn’t sell cannabis products within the U.S. until the substance becomes legally permissible in any respect levels, it was the primary indication that even large corporations predict growth in marijuana industry.

And this week, it isn’t just investors that dislike on weed which are dumb. It is the politicians in Washington, too.

Canada often is the first G7 nation to federally legalize the usage of cannabis products. The country’s Cannabis Act was introduced within the Canadian Senate earlier this week. Experts think the bill will pass by mid-2018. Should it get the fairway light, it is going to the open the door for Canada to rake in billions of greenbacks from recreational marijuana use.

Meanwhile, the U.S… is failing to plant its flag within the ground of the legal cannabis trade by stalling on wider legalization. Along with the influx of taxes put on sanctioned cannabis use, legalizing marijuana could be a sensible economic move for the U.S.. Just imagine a brand new small business down the block selling marijuana products — it might want to hire people to service customers.

So unless Wall Street and Washington need to fail to see an immense opportunity, it is time to accept that legal marijuana use just is smart. If you happen to disagree, that you must be some of the dumbest on Wall Street.

News Moderator: Ron Strider 420 MAGAZINE
Full Article: Anyone Who Resists the upward thrust of Legal Cannabis Is Among Dumbest on Wall Street – TheStreet
Author: Kinsey Grant
Photo Credit: Getty Images
Website: Stock Market – Business News, Market Data, Stock Analysis – TheStreet

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Pinch me, I HAVE TO be dreaming. With medical card i will be able to fly w/ weed/Save 25%/Grow more.


COLLECT $43 NOW No DEPOSITI heard that some airports are cannabis friendly and that the law is slightly lax on MMJ patients. Any advice or guidance can be much appreciated.
Plus, taxes on medical marijuana can be far lesser than that imposed on recreational cannabis.
And grow eight times greater than recreational users ie. 8 ounces.

That’s enough reasons for me to shop for a medical card. What about you?

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what’s the problem ?


COLLECT $43 NOW No DEPOSITLooks such as you could also be over watering… remember to let it dry out pretty much between waterings. Have to be almost as light as a cup like that, with dry soil. Maybe make up a cup, with dry soil. This may provide you with something to attempt for. Wait until the cup with the plant is sort of as light, then water it well. Continue this until you Transplant.

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Lawyers who work with cannabis clients endanger own practices



LOS ANGELES Just as entrepreneurs entering the retail pot industry want a good lawyer, a few of those lawyers may well be wise to refer to an attorney in their own.

Lawyers within the burgeoning business are entering a legal gray zone where the drug is allowed for some purpose in most states but illegal under federal law within the same controlled substances category as heroin. Missteps could lead on to prosecution for conspiracy, money laundering or aiding and abetting drug dealers.

Any lawyer that goes into this could bear in mind that a literal reading of federal law permits the sort of prosecution, said Sam Kamin, a school of Denver marijuana policy law professor, whose research five years ago found lawyers more liable to being disbarred than criminally charged for cannabis-related work. It probably is sensible for a lawyer to a minimum of check with a legal ethicist or get an opinion from a legal ethicist.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated his opposition to legal weed on Wednesday, and a congressional amendment prohibiting federal prosecutors from targeting medical marijuana is due to run out on the end of the year.

Sessions has not said if he’ll reverse a longstanding Justice Department policy to not interfere with purveyors complying with state laws but to focus prosecutions on trafficking, sales to minors, cartels and gangs within the business, violence or gun use in cultivation or distribution, and pot grown on public land.

Despite a couple of instances of lawyers being prosecuted in federal and state court including a pending San Diego County case more attorneys are jumping into cannabis law. Legal needs range from financing to permits, real estate, water law, intellectual property, contracts and banking.

With California allowing recreational pot retail sales Jan. 1, interested investors are reaching out to attorneys like Mitch Kulick to determine easy methods to safely finance the possibly lucrative industry.

Kulick, a brand new York lawyer who offers his expertise in lots of states, recently gave his typical scare spiel to an actual estate magnate concerning the possible legal consequences, and said he could only help mitigate risk so much.

At a definite point, you must realize that is a crime. Theres no insurance coverage to remove the risk, Kulick said he told the person. If I USED TO BE already a billionaire, I’D not be taking the risk.

Kulick, who once worked as a lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission and a tremendous international firm, needed to do an identical risk analysis and soul searching before deciding to decide to the upper cause, so that you can speak.

There was a tipping point for lots of lawyers putting in place boutique pot law firms and jumping from old-school law firms as demand for his or her services trumps fear of legal repercussions and the stoner stigma fades as more states legalize marijuana use.

Attorney Chris Davis, who grew up in Berkeley around family and friends who use the drug, found people operating within the shadows who desired to go legit when he returned to California from Ny two years ago.

So many of us were asking methods to go legal and the way to fret less, said Davis, executive director of the National Cannabis Bar Association, which has about 300 members within the U.S. and Canada and is growing rapidly. It became impossible to show people away.

Lawyers that specialize in the business see themselves on the frontier. That leaves a captivating opportunity to shape laws and regulations and the daunting prospect of the unknown.

Lawyers like things to be settled, Davis said. Its hard to get a lawyer to offer you a yes or no answer. Within the cannabis industry, there really isn’t any yes or no answer.

Some state bar associations have given lawyers cover to counsel marijuana clients throughout the bounds of state law. Others say federal law keeps the realm off-limits because ethical rules prevent them from helping clients commit crimes.

Attorney Larry Donahue had several medical marijuana clients at his firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, until the state bar issued a January 2016 opinion that said lawyers may well be exposed to ethics charges for such work. Donahue needed to terminate four or five clients.

It was an excessively chilling opinion, he said. It basically scared the hell out of us.

While prosecutions of attorneys are rare, a case in San Diego has gotten the eye of many lawyers, mainly as a result of aggressive tactics employed by the district attorney.

Attorney Jessica McElfresh was charged with several felonies alleging she helped a shopper hide evidence of marijuana manufacturing.

The case may need received less notice if prosecutors didnt unsuccessfully attempt to get across the sacrosanct lawyer-client privilege and seek communications with all her marijuana clients.

McElfresh, who vehemently denies the charges, said she knew that specialize in pot law carried risks, but she couldnt foresee in one million years police raiding her house. She and her boyfriend and mother were escorted into her backyard, where she was handcuffed barefoot in her pajamas in the course of the search.

She said she didnt take the hazards some lawyers do by sitting at the boards of a clients company, owning a share in a business or introducing clients to 1 another.

I am one of the conservative and boring people you could possibly ever meet in cannabis law, she said. The only way I’LL has been more careful would has been to not engage on this area of law at all.

A new district attorney took office after McElfresh was charged and allowed five co-defendants facing similar charges to plead guilty last month to misdemeanors and get probation.

The San Diego district attorneys office wouldnt comment, but in a press release cited the recreational pot law glided by voters last year and the brand new administrations changing focus as a part of the cause of the plea deals. Its not clear if that vary will affect McElfreshs pending case.

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