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Longer term Powdery Mildew protection.


COLLECT $43 NOW No DEPOSITDepends in your RH whether lowering as a way to help some, that and higher ventilation either by less crammed right into a small area or scaling down some in middle of plant to extend air or increasing your ventilation. What I’VE read some strains have better resistance to it same as some the bugs value more highly and a few they do not like as much. Probably the most few things I HAVE NEVER needed to fight with as my problems been mostly bugs and the standard beginner stuff like overwatering and bull in a china shop clumsy stress training, so hopefully someone come along that has dealt/fought with that one before. I did have some bud rot issues but that was with an out of doors plant and mostly a weather issue as mother nature wasn’t cooperating and never being our “typical” weather for that point of year (that and that i let it get too bushy so didn’t get good airflow).

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